Het Rijk Golfbanen

The customer

Four golf courses, spread over the Netherlands, make up Het Rijk Golfbanen. These courses are found in Enschede, Nunspeet, Nijmegen and Margraten.


The central marketing & communications department wanted tools that support giving potential customers a positive impression of what Het Rijk can offer. Each golf course of Het Rijk has its own personality. The goal was to visualize these characteristics at best, in order to give golfers a preview of the possibilities of the course. By deploying modern videos, Het Rijk can present itself professionally and effectively.


The decision was made for videos, each reflecting the specific ambiance of each course. Additionally, videos of 13 signature holes were made.

"The Data Access Europe crew has a perfect take on what the customer wants. Very creative and with great sense of quality, they surprise us every time and exceed our expectations!" Hans Blaauw, Director at Het Rijk Golfbanen
Acquaintance and first scout

The video must tell their story; the story of Het Rijk Golfbanen. Our first visit was a noncommittal orientation and a reconnaissance on location, showing us the unique features of the golf club. Together, we defined which experience the viewer needed to get, when watching the video.


In the script, we emphasized the unique features of the golf club. We fully scripted the video, giving us exactly what we were going to shoot.


Choosing extras is important; as a background actor, their personality needs to match the wished appearance of the golf club. Together with the customer, we casted the most suitable candidates.

Planning the shoot

After completing the script and selecting extras, we planned the shoot. This means giving consideration to many things, such as the availability of the extras, the facilities on the course, available light at each moment of the day, sunrise and sunset, etc.


Our crew, with a minimum of one camera operator/certified drone pilot, and a production leader, start the takes. It is obvious that for the greatest shots, we were depending on weather conditions and the state of the course.


Video editing is the phase during which we can truly highlight the features of your golf club. The shot-list is composed very carefully and the most advanced techniques will ensure that the design has a strong visual impact.


Music offers a very significant medium to create ambience and sensation. We help the customer by finding the right music, that suits the message of the video.

Logo animation

Creating a logo animation helps to blend in corporate branding, in a natural way. It is a professional way to image a brand, and let the video align well with the corporate identity.

Graphical elements

Besides logo animation, more graphical elements are added to the video’s. These elements often contain texts, and are there to emphasize the message that we want to convey with the video. For example in the case of Het Rijk, networking was important. We highlighted this by the use of adding graphical elements, connecting golfers on the course.

Call to action

Each video has a purpose. Often you want to end a video with a call-to-action. For example for Het Rijk, this was “Would you like to know more about the business club? Visit our website!”.

When the video is ready

After the video is produced, Het Rijk golfbanen can rely on us for help and advice about how to deploy the new materials. Think of several media, defining target groups, social media, email campaign or website.

The result

A total of 17 videos were produced for Het Rijk golfbanen. A unique video impression and 13 videos of selected signature holes. These films are now published on the website of Het Rijk golfbanen, to show how playing golf at Het Rijk is perceived.

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