Customer is the most successful portal for the trade in the most diverse types of used trucks, and more. With a business SaaS subscription, dealers can simply add vehicles, or search for available products.

Case consists of three websites,, Truckbase and TrucksAdmin. The wish was to modernize the sites, and to increase the user friendliness. Besides that, it was important to better convey the vision of


Re-branding the sites has provided a more contemporary look. During the design phase, the UI and UX designs were leading. To address a new audience, who had not heard of yet, we produced a motion graphic. This is a short animation video that quickly and effectively explains the concepts behind And a modern instructive video was made. New customers can now get quickly started with, while the support department has less questions to answer.


Based on several meetings, we created mock-ups. These provided the visual reference to draft several web pages. Leading were the use of the colors yellow, blue and gray, as was the use of the images.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX stands for User Interface, User Experience. Providing excellent user friendliness was paramount. Therefore, specific controls were created, like an expandable search menu, a clear view of “Most recently searched vehicles” and easily adding a photo, taken with a smartphone.


Four icons, in the main menu of, are an important element in distinguishing four main categories. The icons are tailor made for the site and needed to be usable in other expressions as well, for example in the motion graphic.

Responsive designs

The websites of are responsive, which means that they can be viewed on any device, phone, tablet or PC.

Storyboard and script

In cooperation with we realized the storyboard and script, that guided us when producing the videos.

Animation and music

Film comes to life with choosing the right music and animations. The new style now is escorted by smooth animations.


We coordinated the contacts with third parties, like for example voice-overs. We make sure that the recordings of professional voices, are put seamlessly under the video.

Technical realization and hosting

Programming and technical realization is done by the software development department of Data Access Europe. For many years, they work closely with the development team of The website is hosted by the DataFlex Cloud Services department of Data Access Europe.

The result

The result consists of three websites; (the search engine), Truckbase (the place where dealers add vehicles to the site) and Trucks Admin (managing the site, subscriptions, and invoice details).

Also a motion graphic and instructive video, in 10 different languages, were produced.

Also interestingWatch the designs of the websites

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