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Twickel College Delden (TCD) is a secondary school that focuses on the first two years. Personal development and differentation in level and tempo are important pillars for TCD!


TCD always looks forward to the annual ’open evening’. They welcome parents and future students at the school. Unfortunately, this was not possible this year due to the social distancing rules. That’s why TCD started to search for a solution...


We have produced a virtual ’open evening’ together with TCD. This consists of two parts: a virtual tour and a livestream. In the virtual tour, students and teachers show the viewer the school. They can view videos of almost every lesson. During the livestream, three webinars were given about the main pillars of the school. Viewers could ask questions to the teachers live!

Tone of voice

Important for TCD is the personal way of teaching. The talent, level and pace of the student always comes first. We wanted to show that in the virtual tour as well. We have chosen that students and teachers address the viewer directly and therefore look straight into the camera. In addition, the film style is also very dynamic and you see a lot of movement in the images.


During an open evening, the map of the school is very important. We have used this in the virtual tour as well. On the website of the virtual tour you can see a floor plan of the school, and almost every room has a marker. When clicking on a marker, the video starts with an introduction by Sanne and Noa who bring the viewer to that specific classroom.


We have created two websites: one for the virtual tour and one for the livestream. On the site of the virtual tour you will see the map of the school, contact details and a link to the site of the livestream. The site of the livestream contains information about the three webinars and a countdown clock to the livestream. After the livestream has started, there is a link to the livestream. Both pages are fully in line with TCD’s corporate identity.


For many lessons we've created a video. The viewer walks into the classroom, is greeted by the teacher and watches the lesson. That way you get a good idea of ​​the various lessons and the personal way of teaching. The style of the videos is very dynamic, there is a lot of movement in the shots. This gives the viewer the feeling that he is really present in the classroom.


For the livestream we have built a live setting in our studio in Hengelo. Three webinars were given and during the webinars viewers could submit questions via WhatsApp, these questions were answered live in the studio after the webinars. The livestream was broadcast on YouTube and can still be viewed on the TCD YouTube channel.

The result

The result consists of a virtual tour and a livestream evening where parents could ask the teachers questions live. The virtual tour can be viewed here (note: the tour is in Dutch)

Virtual TourWatch the complete Virtual Tour

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